As concerned citizens and organizations, we aim to address Michigan’s legislature and advocate for the passage of pivotal criminal legal reform legislation.

The Work: What We’ve Accomplished

  • Eliminate Fines and Fees
  • Childcare Fund Act
  • Expanded Diversion
  • Community Violence
  • Prison Body Cams
  • Intervention Funding
  • Auto Voter Registration
  • Prison College Funding
  • Sentencing Commission
  • Trauma Informed Peer Led Reentry

Legislative Priorities: The Unfinished Work

We monitor and advocate for crucial criminal justice reform bills that address different stages of the justice system, such as:

Prevention and Pre-Incarceration

  • Cash Bail
  • Fund Indigent Defense
  • Mandated Use of Force Policy Ban Chokeholds
  • End the Exception
  • Limit No-Knock Warrants Sentencing Commission
  • Duty Intervene
  • Danny’s Bill
  • End REID Interrogation Technique


  • Good Time
  • Medical Parole
  • End Solitary Confinement
  • Expand MDOC Oversight
  • Scholarships for Incarcerated Citizens
  • Ban Juvenile Life Without Parole
  • Duty to Intervene
  • Prison Body Cams
  • Second Look
  • Productivity Credits
  • Eliminate Prison Co-Pays
  • FOIA Access Restoration
  • Reduce Phone Fees
  • End Prison Gerrymandering


  • Vital Docs
  • Fair Housing